Luxury with purpose

The purpose of improving the environment where you sleep.


The skin is our body’s shield daily exposed to pollution, microbes, bacteria and all the hazards of the outside world. Each of our fabrics has its own blend mixing natural fibers with technology designed by us to give you a better bedding experience.

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Can you imagine having bed sheets that restore your skin, energy, and sense of well-being during your sleep? Make it happen with our luxury performance fabrics!

About Marialma's Performance Fabrics


Sensitive Zinc

A special blend made of Egyptian cotton and eucalyptus tree fiber mixed with 4 zinc oxide – Smartcel™, an innovative fiber based on natural cellulose from a sustainable source.

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Cosmetic Algae

A special blend made of Egyptian cotton and eucalyptus tree fiber mixed with seaweed – Seacell LT, an innovative fiber based on natural cellulose from a sustainable source.

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Natural Hemp

Made of 100% hemp, has natural breathable and antimicrobial characteristics and that makes these bed sheets allergen free. It’s also a natural thermo-controller.

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amino acids




Our benefits

We develop bed sheets that go way beyond styling and comfort, the key factor is performance. Our raw materials are 100% natural and biodegradable, we aim to keep them that way.


The natural properties of the hemp and the cotton together with the benefits from the algae and zinc oxide embedded into the cellulose fiber itself enable the functionalities of the bed sheets fabrics.

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Protect our body from the pollution and aggressive external elements that surround us

MARIALMA provides different solutions combining technology and natural fibers into the fabric to help us protect our body from the pollution and aggressive external elements that surround us. Our bed sheets embrace our body during sleep and play a key role when it comes to restoring our skin, energy and sense of wellbeing. This effect can be enhanced by also using our home wear.

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“Our concern is to improve the quality of our fabric, incorporating proven benefits.”


Our Concept

For Life

Everything we do, plays a role. Nothing is left to chance. We add value into everyday products, which can be used in moments of pure balance. Our creative and productive processes demand for quality and long lasting materials. Our products are designed and made to last, by experienced hands.


Textile is not dead, it is evolving. We combined the textile industry, built upon thousands of years of apri- morations, with nanotechnology and the result is a set of solutions shaped as a set of sheets. Every new product has its own blend in order to offer additional care for your body through your skin.


It is important for us to develop an ethical business focused on global (360º) sustainability. How we do this? We control the entire production chain up close this (and our bedding fabrics) is why we sleep at night. Our products are made in Portugal but destined to the World. Follow our social networks if you want to see us get to work.

Made to order

We maintain a reduced waste policy and take it very seriously, it is one of the main pillars of our business. We can really sum it up to the words made to order. Each product is customized and made just for you, each set is unique. The environment says “Thank You!” as this allows us to avoid expendable costs and, once again, waste.

Our Process avoids overproduction and waste

This is one of the main pillars of our business. To avoid overproduction and waste, we produce made to order. In addition to satisfying the customer by customizing their article to the maximum, we avoid expendable costs and once again waste.

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Made to order

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Live and Dream

Sleep awareness

Sleep problems constitute a global epidemic, it threatens the life quality of up to 45% of the world’s population.

However, did you know we are supposed to spend 1/3 of your life sleeping?

That is a lot of time spent doing something so we might as well take time to do it right and give it purpose. There are strategies we can adopt to experience some balance in these mad times. There is meditation, healthy balanced diets, mindfulness, exercise and a lot more. Many claim exercise is a favourite but the reality is that they all have one thing in common, they all contribute to our well-being and balance.

Do you know who also does that? MARIALMA
If we are aware of all that, shouldn’t we especially be concerned with the environment of our bedroom, and above all of our bed?


This is where MARIALMA comes. Our luxurious, beautiful, performance fabrics contribute to an experience of recovery and well-being. This is the ultimate goal and the climax of all the balance we worked to achieve during the day.

A good night's sleep can be a reality, if you prepare your body, your mind, and your bed for it.So why not bring more comfort into your life?

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