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Why are we different?

Because our performance bed sheets are made only with natural fibres (Egyptian cotton and hemp) and with active components such as zinc oxide and seaweed powder. These elements will add skin care characteristics to your sheets. Among other benefits, they are allergen-free and antibacterial.


RelievesSkin Diseases

Itching andskin inflammation

Gentleon the Skin

Extra smooth
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Thermal Regulation

Feels cool and dry


Stops bacteria and unpleasant odors
Recommended for people with sensitive skin, babies and sufferers of conditions such as eczema or atopic dermatitis.

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Natural Hemp Duvet Cover

Marialma® Natural Hemp
From: 179.00€
2 colors

Sensitive Zinc Duvet Cover Set

Marialma® Sensitive Zinc
From: 340.00€
3 colors

Cosmetic Algae Sheet Set

Marialma® Cosmetic Algae
From: 295.00€
3 colors

Sensitive Zinc Bassinet Sheet Set

Marialma® Sensitive Zinc
From: 125.00€

Our prime materials

Made to last, breathable & fresh. These are just a few benefits of using the prime materials we have chosen. They allow us to design and to give you the sleep experience your body deserves. We will help you dream big during the night!

Discover our prime materials

Egyptian Cotton

100% smoother and softer yarn


Discover our prime materials


Environmentally friendly and naturally fresher


Our processavoids overproduction and waste

We want to develop an ethical business focused on global (360º) sustainability.
For that reason,
made to order is one of our main pillars. Why? Mainly because it minimizes waste and overproduction, and as a plus we can exceed our customer’s expectations by customizing their order to the maximum.

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Start dreaming

1 to 3 Weeks

3 to 8 Days of delivery

1. Product Selection

Browse through our collections and get to learn more about the benefits of our performance fabrics. Then, all you have to do is choose the performance bed sheets and homewear that fits you and your lifestyle the best.

2. Made to order

We maintain a reduced waste policy that sums up to the words: made to order. This means that every single product is dedicatedly made just for you. Moreover, the environment says, “Thank you!” as this allows us to avoid expendable costs and waste. It’s a win-win situation!

3. Production

Chosen for their renowned quality and advanced techniques, our products are made by the best craftsmen in Portuguese factories.

4. Live and dream

Once your order is completed, it will be ready to be shipped in our eco-friendly packaging. Then, it’s time for you to enjoy your new bedding and keep on living and dreaming with us!

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