With a quick side-eye look to your nightstand, we might guess that you are still working on your last year’s must-read books list. However, we believe we have some life-changing reading suggestions to enter the New Year recharged and ready to take on the world. Ready for our must-read books for 2020?

The term burned out was one of the most used in 2019. Between politics, climate change and the overwhelming demand of ordinary daily lives, to say we live in stressful times is an understatement and today most of us struggle with any kind of anxiety disorders or even more complexed symptoms.

So, there are times you need to de-stress, relax, go offline and read a good book that helps you cope with your high-stress level life. Here are our suggestions.

As reports and studies show, December is the month we work fewer hours. So it’s the perfect time to declutter. But what to do with all that free time? Well, one should do what Bill Gates tells us to do: add more books to our must-read books list and…just read it.  Bill has most recently raved about one book in particularly:

1. WHY WE SLEEP by Matthew Walker

sleep tips bill gates

After reading this book by an acknowledged sleep researcher, Mathew Walker, Microsoft’s creator told that he regrets all the hours of sleep he missed.  Walker explains how insufficient sleep undercuts your creativity, memory, immune system, your problem-solving, decision making and learning abilities, and even your lifespan. A must-read that can help you change your sleeping habits for good.

2. JOYFULL by Ingrid Fetell Lee

joyful books to read

Joy: what it is, how can we measure it and why do we feel it? Ingrid Fetell Lee, the industrial designer, deconstructs random experiences that bring us joy. The author of our must-read book delves into the neuroscience and psychology of delight to offer us a better understanding of our own joyful feelings.

3. THE HAPPINESS PROJECT, by Gretchen Rubin

list of books to read 2020

To discover how to be happy could be the mystery of a lifetime. From spiritual practices, science to pop culture, the author, Gretchen Rubin, tries to discover how she could be truly happy. Full of ups and downs, the book asks the most important question of all: concerning happiness, which is more important the ride or the destination? This is the perfect book to take you on a journey to pursue your bliss. Trully, lets add it to our must-read books!

4. DARING GREATLY, by Brené Brown

books to read 2020

If you’ve never checked out Brené Brown Netflix’s special “Courage” then you have been dwelling under a rock. In Daring Greatly, our new life guru Dr. Brené Brown shares 12 years of her research, demonstrating that vulnerability can be a source of courage and can forge lasting connections between people. Read Daring Greatly and learn how to cultivate deeper relationships with everyone in your life and feel empowered. So, this book might as well be number one on this must-read books list.

5. BECOMING by Michelle Obama

list of books to read 2020

Finally, on our must-read books list, it’s the US former first lady. Michelle Obama has lived an accomplished and interesting life. In Becoming, the former First Lady of the United States tells us about the years she spent growing up on the South Side of Chicago to the years in the White House. An enduring book that will shed a new perspective on the role of Michelle as the former first lady.

So what are your must-read books this holiday season?

We hope you have enjoyed our article about the greatest books to read in 2020. Feel free to pin all the images to your favorite images from our must-read books list to Pinterest board and subscribe to our newsletter, so you can be the first to know about our latest articles. And don’t forget: sleep well, live well!

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