Here are some key things every conscious consumer should know about bed sheets.

We all know how important a good night’s sleep can be! It can be crucial for your day because let’s face it… When you have an awful night, the most likely thing to happen is that your day will turn out to be torture because you are tired and you can’t focus on anything, no matter how much coffee you drink.

But when you have a great night’s sleep, you can enjoy the day to the fullest, feel happy, and be productive! Well, the thing is… Did you know that your bed sheets, pillows, and mattress can be a make-or-break factor of a successful sleep? So, in today’s article, we decided to enlighten you with some curiosities and facts you didn’t know about bed sheets and help you to make better decisions when choosing these items! Curious? Let’s take a look, then! It’s time for you to become a bed sheets expert.

1) Egyptian Cotton Sheets May Be Fake

Egyptian cotton is one of the best fabrics when it comes to luxury bed sheets. Plus, it is highly regarded by many bed sheet enthusiasts as the best kind of cotton used in making bed sheets and duvet covers. This is because Egyptian cotton has a higher fiber staple length which is achieved due to the favorable conditions in the Nile River that are perfect for growing cotton. Besides, cotton grown in this region has smoother and stronger yarn. However, some of the Egyptian cotton bed sheets sold in the world are fake, and you may note this starting with the price.

So, make sure you are buying your sheets from a brand with a certification that proves that their bed sheets are made from real Egyptian cotton as Marialma’s bed sheets. 

cotton plant in a white background

2) Sheet Labels to Avoid at All Costs

Have you ever seen bed sheets with a label that says “permanent press”, “wrinkle-free”, and “easy care”? Well, this is not a good sign. In case you are wondering what they mean, you probably should know that it indicates that this fabric has a poisonous chemical called formaldehyde resin. But there is more… You can’t wash out this chemical!

3) Hemp: The Natural Temperature Control

Why is there so much hype about hemp sheets?  Well, they are sustainable, comfortable, and allergen-free… But, wait, there is more! They are also breathable, which means they work with the temperature of your body, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. What more could you possibly want?

hemp plantation with a close-up to a leaf

4) Washing Sheets

How to wash bed sheets?

In a very short time, dead skin cells, oils from the skin, saliva, and sweat cover your sheets. This can make for a dust mite paradise.

Experts claim that clean sheets help prevent allergies, dermatitis, and even acne. The washing of your sheets will always depend on several conditions, now let’s see:

You should wash your sheets — and other bedding — at least once every two weeks. But if you have night sweats, or just sweat a lot in general, bump washing up to once a week.

If you’re allergic to dust mites, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America recommends washing your bedding at least once a week. You’ll need to wash them in water that is at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54.4 Celsius) to kill the dust mites.

Now, if you’re sick with something contagious, the rules change. Sheets and other bedding need to be changed as soon as you feel better to prevent contracting the illness again.

Washing your sheets may also be critical to your health, as the choice of suitable detergents may vary from person to person. Ideally, a test should be carried out with the dermatologist, but, as a precaution, you should wash the clothes only with water and neutral soap, without softeners or perfumed soap.

As for the washing temperature, it is best to follow the care instructions of each brand.

two boys reading books under a white bed sheet

5) Go green with Lyocell fibers

Lyocell fibers are sustainable fabrics that come from the wood of eucalyptus trees. These trees are grown sustainably, with the purpose to decrease the need for pesticides or irrigation. Plus, they are generated with the use of a closed-loop process, which assures that these fibers are recycled back into the material, making it the fabric with the smallest ecological footprint.

If you don’t believe it, check out their various certifications on their sustainability page and find out all the details of their environmentally friendly process.

Marialma features Lyocell fibers with patent processes on their bed sheets, which make them perfect for sensitive skin and problems related to body heat. This process incorporates seaweed or zinc oxide firmly into a natural cellulose fiber ensuring that their properties are permanently preserved within the useful life of the bed sheets, regardless of several rounds in the washing machine.

6) Bed Sheets Impact Your Sleep

Bed sheets have a major influence on your sleep. If you choose the wrong bed sheets, you can have consequences on your health, body, and well-being like itchy skin, infections, dry skin, among other effects. So, it’s time to choose the right fabrics for you and your skin, and boost your personal, social, and professional life with a good night’s sleep!

Sheets that contain synthetic fibers tend to cause increased skin irritation. Also, they can trigger dermatitis and allergies in those who are already predisposed to it.

Wool fibers also accumulate more mites and dust, accenting allergic pictures. These fabrics accumulate perspiration odors as they retain sweat and do not let the skin breathe properly.

Always opt for 100% natural materials. Investing in a good sheet is critical to the quality of your sleep and the durability of the products.

All in all, when you are choosing your bed sheets, you should never forget that your buying decision will not only have an impact on your sleep but also in the world. We all have the power to change the world and small actions matter a lot! Today, we hope we have given you a few facts that help you to buy your bed sheets more consciously.

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