It’s time to make a toast not only to the Portuguese pavers but to all the artists around the world.

On the 24th of August, we celebrate the Artist Day. Here at Marialma, we decided to celebrate this day because art is an important part of our lives, and creativity should always be applauded. It is also the perfect moment to thank all of the artists that use their art to make our world a colorful and unique place. Many of these artists often sacrifice much of their lives to produce works for the good of the community. Nevertheless, today we are going to focus on some of the most traditional artists in Portugal: the Portuguese pavers! Want to know why? Keep scrolling to find out!

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Why we should honor the artists

The main purpose of the Artist Day is to congratulate all the artists in the world: the actor, the poet, the writer, the craftsmen, the painter, the paver, the sculptor, the composer, the musician, the dancer, the photographer, among all the other artists of the world.

But what is an artist? An artist is every single person who expresses themselves through art, which means that you don’t need to do art as a profession to be an artist! Actually, according to the dictionary, an artist is someone who creates as a profession or hobby. However, for many artists, art is much more than just a hobby it is a lifestyle, a way of living.

So, how to celebrate this day? Well, you can promote your favorite local artists, or you can free the artist within you and create something extraordinary today.

The Portuguese sidewalks: The pavers’ masterpiece

We decided to celebrate it by paying tribute to one of the most admired professions in Portugal: the pavers. The art of building the stones of the historic Portuguese sidewalks is so unique that has crossed borders, underlying an artistic sense that combines functionality with beauty and gives rise to authentic masterpieces in pedestrian zones all over the world. Plus, Portuguese pavers were requested to perform and teach these works abroad to spread this art around the globe.

young girl drawing on the floor using chalks

The future of stone paving

But why have we decided to celebrate the Portuguese pavers? Because the Portuguese Sidewalks have also inspired Marialma with its first collection of Jacquards. Our luxury bedding features a beautiful pattern that resembles the remarkable sidewalks. However, we also want to bring your attention to the fact that this hard work no longer attracts the youngest. It is crucial to protect this art in a moment where it needs to reinvent itself to ensure its survival.

That’s why, in 1986, a school for pavers called Escola Municipal de Calceteiros de Lisboa was created. Their main goals were to train new professionals and to show, mainly to the children, what this work consists of and its importance for the Portuguese culture.

All in all, we should encourage new generations to prevent this legacy of distinctive decorative style from disappearing by preserving these skills of stone paving!

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