Much has been said about the high-quality of Egyptian cotton sheets. But, after all, why is this the best material?

It is a fact that we should all spend a third of our lives sleeping! That’s why if you want to spend a good night’s sleep, it is important to invest in high-quality bedding. 

So, when it comes to luxurious materials for bedding, the most popular and recognized thing that comes to people’s minds is Egyptian cotton and with good reason! Why? Because thanks to its length, strength, and softness it’s very well regarded.

But, is it worth the money? Well… Yes! If you read today’s article, you’ll find out why that extra bit of money invested in Egyptian cotton sheets is the best investment you can make! Curious? Keep scrolling!

What is Egyptian cotton?

a huge mummy in Egypt

The Egyptians produce fabrics since the time of the pharaohs. Some fabrics from this era still exist today and you can see them at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, in perfect condition. Five thousand years ago, cotton came to Egypt from India, and people started to apply all their knowledge in the production of linen fabrics to cotton. They became experts and this tradition remains to this day. Today Egypt is responsible for 40% of the world’s long, extra-long, thin and extra thin fiber cotton production.

But after all, why is the cotton from Egypt superior?

Thanks to the richness of the soil in the Nile River and the moderate all year temperatures, a smoother and stronger yarn that generates the finest cotton in the world is produced! However, in the Lower Nile region, near the Giza Sphinx, they cultivate the whiter Giza cotton, which is brighter, has extra fine and extra-long fibers. And that is the one Marialma uses in the bed sheets blend because if there is one thing that we value is the high-quality of every single product we make! For that reason, Egyptian cotton was one of our first choices when we had to identify the ideal prime material to mix with our Smart fiber to make our bed sheets.

sailing boat in the middle of Nile river

How important is thread count?

First of all, what is exactly the thread count? Basically, it tells you the number of threads into every square inch of the fabric. So, the thread count helps to determine the softness, the quality, and the comfort of your sheets. However, this does not mean that the higher the thread count, the more luxurious the sheets are.

The quality of the product can be determined by the quality of the thread, but, please note that there are other facts to be considered; the quality of the yarn also impacts the final result.

For example, a sateen weave means that for every yarn under we have three over and we get a more thread surface, a silky feel and a luxurious sheen.

The benefits of our Egyptian cotton bed sheets

Now, let’s discover how you can fully charge your batteries after a good night’s sleep with our unique bed sheets. What makes them unique? Our Egyptian cotton sheets have its own blend mixing natural fibers with technology to give you a better bedding experience. Let’s check the main benefits and how we enhance them:


Cotton bed sheets are naturally more breathable than synthetic fibers and when it comes to temperature control experts consider it superior. So, if you sleep in hot climates and sweat during the night, these bed sheets are the perfect match!

Therefore, the breathability of the sheets will allow you to wake up cool and dry, helping you sleep tight. Plus, we can assure you that you won’t found bacteria or mold in the sheets. Do you know why? Because our unique fiber blend expels moisture as well!

Made to Last

Here is another reason why Egyptian cotton sheets are such a great investment! Yes, they can be expensive, but the truth is that when it comes to choosing a fabric that can last years, Egyptian cotton stays top of mind. Its long and thin fiber makes it more resilient than another cotton. In the spinning process, the longer and thinner the fiber is, the thinner and without imperfections, the yarn will be. Consequently, the fabric will have greater strength, softness and a naturally perfect look.

If properly cared for, it will become more luxurious after each wash, with an elegant quality and superior feel. With the perfect thread count, the cotton sheets will also last longer and will be more durable.


Egyptian cotton is also well-known for its soft texture and luxurious touch. The best part? It softens even more with age while keeping the same resistance throughout the years!

Marialma enhances this cotton’s softness by mixing the Lyocell fiber in the yarn. The blend of Egyptian cotton and the Lyocell create a smoother yarn, producing a soft fabric with a slight sheen.


Thanks to the smooth touch of Egyptian cotton, you don’t have to worry about bedding that irritates the skin. Plus, it is a hypoallergenic material with high absorbency which retains softness forever, making it the heaven for people with sensitive skin.

One of the major problems that people with eczema have to deal with is to sleep in bed sheets that aren’t cozy and skin-friendly at all.

Our special cotton Lyocell blend incorporates either algae or zinc oxide providing the bed sheets with extra skin-friendly capabilities, especially important for those who suffer from eczema or atopic dermatitis.

All in all, there is no wonder Egyptian cotton is highly regarded by many bed sheets enthusiasts as the best cotton used in bed sheets and duvet covers!

If you are convinced that this luxury product with an unmatched reputation is the best choice for your bedding, check out our products and get to know more about the benefits of our performance fabrics. 

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