A step into the world of luxury bedding.

After passing the 40’s barrier, priorities change, and we start to care more about our mental and physical health. We become more concerned with the quality of life, ethics, and transparency applied to the production processes. Aware of this search for quality and lasting products, we are three Portuguese that decided to create MARIALMA® – a luxury bedding brand that bets on innovation and differentiation as key factors at every single level. But what sets us apart from our competition? Continue reading to find out!

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From Portugal to the world.

Despite our very distinct life experiences, we are from the north of the country, a place full of genuine stories, tradition, cultural heritage, and dedicated people. This region is also known for its large textile factories and for producing the best home textiles for the world. From luxury bedding to bath towels and for even the garments of renowned brands, the Portuguese product quality is indisputable!

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Taking advantage of modern times.

Associating this fact with the numerous technological advances and the growing influence of the internet on the purchasing behavior, we have decided to establish a brand that incorporates technological innovation in the fabrics used for the home textile, more precisely in luxury bedding sets. In 2018, we decided to ally our experts to the perfect partners’ factories in order to positively contribute to society. This way, we created MARIALMA®, a brand with ALMA (soul).

We started by developing a range of three performance fabrics:
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MARIALMA® Sensitive incorporates in its technological process the use of zinc oxide. This material is vital for our immune system, sensory functions, metabolism, and skin regeneration, and protection.

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MARIALMA® Cosmetic, which incorporates in its technological process the use of seaweed and whose purpose is related to skin care.

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MARIALMA® Natural Hempire, made of 100% hemp yarn, derived from the cannabis sativa fiber, with breathable, and antibacterial properties.

We want to contribute to a better world.

It is part of our strategic vision to grow slowly taking safe steps. However, we don’t want to disappoint our customers. That’s why we will sell two ranges and gradually we will be adding new products to our online store. Moreover, we want to avoid overproduction and waste, so we will produce under pre-orders. In conclusion, we want to offer a greater range of sizes and make our articles better adapted to different mattresses.

All in all, we invite you to increase quality of your life through your sleep with MARIALMA’s bedding sets.

All in all, remember that the most important thing is to make sure that you are waking up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

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