The secret to living slowly and multiplying time.

Nowadays it has become more difficult to have time for ourselves. All we want is to slow down because we are tired of running from morning to night and tired of forcefully privilege our professional life to the detriment of our personal life. That’s why we need to stop and start to reconnect with ourselves, with human relationships, and also with what we consume. Today we will tell you all about a movement called: slow living! Curious? Make sure to read all about it below!

What is Slow Living?

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Firstly, slow living is a broad and welcoming concept that leaves behind a utopian vision and reaches full personal and professional achievements.

The slow living movement rescues the concept of having time to dedicate to ourselves and to cut through the negative aspects of urban life by privileging the integration and connection with nature. Moreover, with this movement what gains strength is a relationship between transparency and awareness, where we don’t live as the natural resources were infinite and the assets we accumulated are indicative of our success. In overall, it’s about working less, buying less, but live better!

Conscious consumerism

The movement is also closely related to conscious consumerism because it puts into practice the transparency of all stages of the production chain, where people are concerned with the origin of their purchases and look beyond the label.

Regarding its influence on the market, slow living has a huge impact in businesses that seek to minimize the impact they cause on the planet, in new startups and their products, as well as in the marketing and business communication of many brands. That’s why in MARIALMA®, we are deeply concerned with the ethics, and transparency applied to the production processes and we want to work in a truthful, ethical way, where hypocrisy is not allowed.

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Slow Living Tips

Find some slow living tips that you can start embracing today for longer and better-quality life:

  • Go offline and enjoy what’s around you;
  • Commit to putting your life before work;
  • Enjoy silence;
  • Don’t multitask and do one thing at a time;
  • Practice being present and in the moment.
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Slow Living Books

Check out our list below with some of the best slow living books to get started:

  • In Praise of Slowness: Challenging the Cult of Speed by Carl Honoré;
  • Destination Simple: Everyday Rituals for a Slower Life by Brooke McAlary;
  • Faster: The Acceleration of Just About Everything, by James Gleick;
  • Chasing Slow: Courage to Journey Off the Beaten Path by Erin Loechner;
  • The Circle of Simplicity: Return to the Good Life, by Cecile Andrews.

So what do you say? It’s time to say goodbye to the nine-to-five frame that creates an internal division within people that separates the pleasure from personal life from the sacrifice of professional duty. In conclusion, what you need to do is just sit down, enjoy your everyday surroundings and breath!

Text translated from: Review Slow Living

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