5 Must-Read Books to Help You Relax in 2020

There's a list of 5 must-read books to help you relax and feel good in 2020. Also, please note that some of the books were advertised by Bill Gates himself. Wonder how relaxed he is feeling right now? Check this article and see.


Let’s Raise Awareness for World Mental Health Day

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KonMari Method: Tidy Up Your Home This Fall

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Mental Health: An Association To Support In Portugal

As mental health is crucial for a balanced life, we decided to support ENCONTRAR+SE – a Portuguese association that helps to prevent mental illness.


7 Tips To Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle

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Meditation Can Change Your Life: Understand Why

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Wellness . What Doctors Say

The Key to Happiness is a Balanced Life

Happiness is what everyone searches for. But after all, what’s the secret to happiness? We believe that is all about having a balanced life! Find out why.