Everything You Need to Know about our Luxury Bed Sheets

Life is about balance. Yes we all work and run, but we need to understand what matters. We are changing the way you sleep so you can impact the world…

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The Creative Process: Bed Sheets Made with Purpose

Take a closer look behind the scenes of the creative process of MARIALMA®, where you’ll be able to know how your luxury bed sheets are made!


Marialma: Taking Luxury Bedding to a New Level

MARIALMA® is a luxury bedding brand that bets on innovation as a key factor. But what sets us apart from our competition? Continue reading to find out!


7 Tips To Sleep Better And Have Sweet Dreams

You might not be able to control the factors that interfere with your sleep, but you can adopt our personal tips to sleep better!


Menopause Effects: What You Should Know About It.

Learn more about what will happen to your body during menopause. In this article, you'll find out the effects of menopause and how to make it easier.


Performance Fabrics: A Step Forward for Better Health

Nanotechnology and performance fabrics represent a promising path in improving skin health. The best part? They will give you a better bedding experience!

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Bed Sheets: How We Turn Seaweed into Luxury Fabrics

Our bed sheets bring amazing benefits into your bed thanks to a marine variety of the algae called seaweed! Find out how it can help you sleep better here!

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4 Benefits of Choosing Hemp Bed Sheets

Did you know that hemp bed sheets are breathable, sustainable, soft, among other things? Read our article and find all the benefits of using them!