Balance is the new happy. Here are all the reasons why.

The search for happiness is a universal human enterprise. Throughout life, either we are happy or we are struggling to be happy at work, at home, and in our general social life. However, happiness is not an endless and permanent state that you may “achieve”.

On the contrary, happiness is built from the sum of everyday situations experienced throughout the day and night. So, what’s the secret to happiness? We believe that a successful life is all about balance! Scroll down and find out why you need to achieve a balanced life!

As human beings, we think, feel, and experience things at every moment, although not always being totally aware of it. But, what makes us feel good or happy?

Everybody knows that a balanced diet together with physical exercise contributes to our body’s health. We also all know that we need to sleep in order to restore our energy.

However, what most people seem to forget is that our health conditions influence our everyday thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

So… Is happiness simply a balanced life?

Sleeping enough, healthy eating, exercising, having a meaningful work activity, and having good relationships, they all contribute to happiness states. However, the big challenge is the daily amount of time that we dedicate to each of these activities…

The hectic pace of our demanding daily lives usually jeopardizes our eating or our time to exercise. However, the sleep hours necessary for a well-balanced and healthy physical life are usually what we forget the most.

If to all this we add the usually exaggerated time dedicated to working, it is common to neglect a daily slot reserved to our social life with family and friends.

That’s why we believe that happiness is “simply” a matter of balance between body and soul, between our physical and psychological states, having in mind that both influence each other continuously.

If you believe in it too, we have a final challenge for you:

In the next 7 days, register how many of your daily 24 hours you dedicate to sleeping, healthy eating, exercising, having a meaningful work activity, loving and enjoying the company of people that makes you laugh. Then, take some 10 minutes to reflect on it and you may be surprised!

Happy kid stretching in her bed with white and gray pillows and bed sheets

Written by

Diana Aguiar VieiraPhD Psychologist and Coach

Teacher in the area of behavioural sciences at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto

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