Did you know that the origins of Valentine’s Day can be traced to the middle ages? Here’s a guide of all you need to know about 14th February.

The roots of Valentine’s day are connected to Ancient Rome where a festival was held in honor of Juno, goddess associated with fertility and marriage. It took place on February 15th and was related to the cleansing of the fields and fertility rituals.

During one of those rituals, boys were asked to draw the name of a girl from a box at random. That girl would become their companion for the duration of the festivities, usually one month.

These types of celebrations went on for about 800 years until it was eventually banned by Emperor Augustus in the year 494. Eventually, Pope Gelasio decided to put an end to them, turning them into a Catholic festive date. The same Pope decided that the martyr Valentine – murdered in 273 – would become the patron saint of the bride and groom because of the various legends surrounding his life.

It was only in the late 60’s, that the date was removed from the Catholic calendar all together due to the uncertainty of who Saint Valentine was. There were at least 3 versions of the same story which have been merged over the years.

According to one article released to the public, Saint Valentine lived between 175 and 273. Some Church documents, dating from the 6th and 7th centuries, contain a handful of details known about this saint:

Valentine was the first bishop of Terni, in Italy, and became very popular for his charity, humility and miracles. Valentine was eventually arrested for failing to comply with the orders prohibiting the performance of marriages. Declaring himself contrary to this law, he continued to perform marriages clandestinely.

That is why he was killed on 14 February 273 and was buried in an open-air cemetery until three believers exhumed the body and took it to Terni to bury it with dignity.

valentine's day

While in prison, legends say that Valentine received dozens of letters and postcards from young people whose marriages he had celebrated in secret, thanking him for believing in love. It was reported that Valentine was beheaded for refusing to renounce Christianity and for secretly celebrating the marriage between a young Christian girl and a legionary pagan, despite the prohibition of Claudius II.

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