Get to know all the benefits of this popular ingredient!

We commonly found zinc oxide in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Today, when it comes to skin care its performance is indisputable since it offers several important benefits to the skin. Do you want to know all of them? Read on!

UV Protection

Zinc oxide contains a mineral that gives it the capacity to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. It helps to protect cells from being damaged, cease the ageing process, and it prevents skin dryness by filtering out the UV rays.

Skin Healing

The cellulose fiber embeds this skin-friendly mineral and thanks to zinc oxide’s soothing and anti-inflammatory capabilities it is especially useful for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema or atopic dermatitis.

Since zinc is a component of skin-building enzymes, it operates directly on the skin. An active exchange between the fiber and the skin occurs when the fabric comes in contact with the skin natural moisture.


Zinc oxide is also a very effective fighter of irritation and prevents inflammation, reducing the number and severity of acne breakouts.


Another strong characteristic of the zinc oxide is its antibacterial property, especially against bacteria that cause odour. It prevents bacterial infection by keeping skin dry and reducing the chance for contaminants to penetrate the skin.

MARIALMA® Sensitive Zinc bed sheets

So, if you’re looking for bed sheets that aggregate these benefits, MARIALMA® Sensitive Zinc is for you!

Made with an innovative yarn, it includes the essential trace element zinc. Zinc has perhaps a greater impact on our well-being than any other trace element. It is vital for our immune system, sensory functions, and metabolism as well as skin regeneration and protection.

Thanks to its antibacterial property, our MARIALMA® Sensitive Zinc bed sheets will also help your bed sheets to stay fresh longer, providing your bed a clean, agreeable environment.

The Process

The fiber containing the zinc oxide powder is produced using the Lyocell process, an innovative and eco-friendly production method. Production takes place in a closed loop with no chemicals released as waste.

This meets the expectations of our industry both today and in the future, and that’s exactly why the European Union awarded the procedure with the 2000 European Environmental Award in the category “technology for sustainable development”.

factory with gray and blue machines producing zinc bed sheets

In Portugal, we mix the zinc oxide Lyocell fiber with Egyptian cotton into a unique blend studied by us. Then, we create a yarn that is an intimate combination of the two natural fibers. Our sheets alone do not heal, but can positively contribute to the overall improvement of the skin!

If you want to know more about our MARIALMA® Sensitive Zinc bed sheets, click HERE and get to know more about its benefits!

A bedroom that features a zinc oxide bedding set with a Portuguese Sidewalk white pattern.

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