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Natural Hemp Duvet Cover

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Our Natural Hemp Duvet Cover is the best of durable and breathable duvet covers. Made of 100% hemp, these cooling duvet covers have antibacterial properties that can help to prevent the multiplication of bacteria in your bed.

Off White


Composition: 100% Hemp.
Hem: Run Point.
Button fastening (6 Hemp buttons).
Stone wash.
Twill ties inside the two top corners to keep your duvet insert in place.
100% Biodegradable.

Care Instructions

Machine wash warm (30º), gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low, gentle cycle, warm iron.
Wash before use, wash with like colors.
We test all our bed linen for color fastness.
Includes a 100% cotton storage bag.

Marialma's natural hemp duvet cover folded on top of a bed


Hemp has natural breathable and antimicrobial characteristics and that makes these bed sheets allergen free. It’s also a natural thermo-controller, the fabric naturally cools and absorbs moisture, so it’s perfect for hot, humid climates, or for anyone who is prone to sweating at night. It also keeps you warm in colder months.


Hemp fabric is made from cannabis sativa fiber, also called the industrial hemp. Environmentally friendly, hemp plants tend to grow like weeds and they naturally repel insects, meaning they do not require harsh chemicals to control their growth. Also, hemp can produce up to 600% more fiber than flax using the same amount of land.
Hemp fiber has been used for thousands of years and in fact materials made from hemp were discovered in tombs dating back to 8,000 BC.
Also it is known for its strength and durability.

hemp plantation

The benefits of natural hemp


Hemp fabric is a type of textile that is made using fibers from the stalks of the Cannabis sativa plant.


Hemp is a lightweight fabric, which means that it is highly breathable, and it also effectively facilitates the passage of moisture from the skin to the atmosphere.


Using only high-quality, pharmaceutical grade 4 zinc white, our fiber combines zinc’s regenerative and skin protective effects with its hygienic and antibacterial elements.

natural thermo-controller

Hemp fabrics helps you stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.


Bed sheets made from hemp keep their shape throughout the years and don’t wear out! They get softer and more luxurious with each wash and each use.

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