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We are friends, colleagues, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, working people, entrepreneurs, believers. We are people with ideas, dreams, wills and above all we are ALMA (Soul).  We enjoy the great things in life and that’s why we care about our mental and physical health. We embrace this challenge because we truly believe we can offer you a different choice.

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We boarded this adventure believing we could make a difference by offering new products, a sensible communication and by developing a business that is both economically and socially ethical.

Nowadays consumers are presented with a deluge of catchy slogans, certifications promises and taglines on sustainability that more often than not are not delivered. We have no aspiration of being better certified, but we do have the will to contribute in a truthful, ethical way with no space for hypocrisy.

Our commitment


no plastic

less waste

commited to

made in

The increasing concern with

  • Longevity and consequent quality of life
  • Ethics and transparency applied to the production processes
  • Technological advances
  • As well as the search for quality and long lasting products

Our motto was to always ally our professional expertise, nanotechnology advances, the recognized quality of the Portuguese textile sector, and above all, our common goal of positively contributing to the human balance. So, we created MARIALMA®, because we believe.

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We are here to give you something more…

We aim at developing a more meaningful, mindful and beneficial life and career, living each day with dedication and purpose, and having more time and freedom to what really matters. We live in the north of Portugal, a region of dedicated people, genuine stories, tradition and cultural heritage, where some of most prestigious textile factories in the world are based since decades.

Catarina Canto Moniz

Partner & Operations Manager

Eugénio Santos

Partner & General Manager

Ana Osório

Partner & General Manager

We care about

We donate 1% of all our sales to projects related to Mental Health promotion, developed and led by ENCONTRAR+SE, a Portuguese Association.

Marialma bases its concept on the well-being and balance of the human being. Mental health thus becomes one of the pillars of this same balance. For this same reason, we decided to support this Association that is
dedicated to the development and implementation of some projects aiming the conservation and
improvement of mental health.

We are Marialma

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