Smart Fabrics | Know More About Value-Added Textiles

Catarina Canto MonizThe need for performance fabrics is increasing and they have become a huge trend for 2020. But how smart are smart fabrics?Nowaday[...]

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Sleep Cycle: The Secrets of This Mysterious World

We are going to guide you through what happens at every sleep cycle stage and how it can affect your physical and mental health. It is a widespread e[...]


How Performance Bed Sheets Can Improve Your Life

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Egyptian Cotton Sheets : Get the Sleep of Your Dreams

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Performance Fabrics: Innovative Technologies Brings New Advances

Today we will talk about technology as an essential part of the textile industry evolution and about the distinctive benefits of performance fabrics.

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The Creative Process: Bed Sheets Made with Purpose

Take a closer look behind the scenes of the creative process of MARIALMA®, where you’ll be able to know how your luxury bed sheets are made!


Performance Fabrics: A Step Forward for Better Health

Nanotechnology and performance fabrics represent a promising path in improving skin health. The best part? They will give you a better bedding experience!

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Bed Sheets: How We Turn Seaweed into Luxury Fabrics

Our bed sheets bring amazing benefits into your bed thanks to a marine variety of the algae called seaweed! Find out how it can help you sleep better here!

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4 Benefits of Choosing Hemp Bed Sheets

Did you know that hemp bed sheets are breathable, sustainable, soft, among other things? Read our article and find all the benefits of using them!