Terms and conditions

1. OWNERSHIP (marialma.com)
ALMA PLANET, LDA registered by QUALITALENTO UNIPESSOAL, LDA, with headquarters in Rua da Estrada Velha, Edifício Colunex, S/N, 4585-610 Recarei and VAT number 515171034, is the owner of www.marialma.com, hereinafter “website”.



If you have any question regarding these Terms & Conditions, you may contact ALMA PLANET through the email hello@marialma.com. If you prefer, you can contact by telephone, from Monday to Friday, between 10am and 6pm, through the number +351912500296; all phone contacts to ALMA PLANET are charged by the telecommunication company at the current rate. You can also contact us through Facebook, Instagram or the online contact form available on our website.




3.1. Throughout this website, the terms “we” and “our” refer to ALMA PLANET. All information, tools and services offered in our website are subject to the acceptation of these Terms & Conditions.

3.2. The present conditions and general terms of sale rule purchases and sales made through our website between the “Customer” as buyer and “ALMA PLANET” as seller, and apply to all visitors as well as to all commercial transaction made through this online store.

3.3. Browsing through our website, your registry and the purchase of any product on our website is bound to the acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms & Conditions, you should stop using this website.

3.4. ALMA PLANET’s website is an international ecommerce platform that offers Marialma brand products for sale to customers that browse the website.

3.5. A “Client”, “User” or “Customer” is a person that acts/buys for personal use, hence, with no intent to resale the products purchased on our website, unless they have an expressed authorization from ALMA PLANET registered in an email or letter.

3.6. ALMA PLANET reserves the right to change these use and contract conditions, without prior notice, as well as to modify, at any time, the presented information and commercial offers on products, especial offers, commercial and service conditions, without prior notice. However, all changes will be published on Marialma’s website.

3.7. ALMA PLANET reserves the right to not process any order from users that do not agree with the general conditions of sale established by the brand.

3.8. ALMA PLANET reserves the right to, unilaterally, review and modify these Terms & Conditions, being all registered Customers duly notified of relevant modifications.

3.9. ALMA PLANET reserves the right to deny access to the website if there is a suspicion that these Terms & Conditions are not being fulfilled.




4.1. ALMA PLANET will make every effort to assure that colours and patterns in the website are true to their real aspect, however, we do not take responsibility for the accuracy of the colours on your screen or mobile device.

4.2. To acquire any product in our website, Customers should make a product order in our website and follow the order procedure, available in “How do I place an order?”.

4.3. Besides the information of these Terms & Conditions, during the order process, the Costumer is also informed of the following:

4.3.1. Basic characteristics of the product(s), including model, size, pattern and colour;

4.3.2. Total price, including, if applicable, taxes.

4.4. Terms & Conditions are available for consultation during the entire order process, at the bottom of each page of the website.

4.5. Customers can only make an order on the website after accepting these Terms & Conditions. To accept these Terms & Conditions, please tick the specific field that will appear with a text similar to “I have read and accept these terms and conditions.”

4.6. To place an order, Customers must activate the Confirm order button, acknowledging that the placed order, if accepted, entails an obligation to pay. Customers should then proceed to the payment of the ordered products through one of the available choices, following its payment instructions.

4.7. After we validate the order and payment, an email is sent to the Customer’s email address, within 24 hours (workdays), confirming the order and its acceptance (hereinafter Order Confirmation Email).

That email informs on the number given to the order, the date of the order, information on the product(s), delivery address and shipping method as specified by the Customer, total values and selected payment method.

By sending this Order Confirmation Email to the Customer, we validate the order.

4.8. Invoices issued by ALMA PLANET will always be available for consultation or print in the My account of our website.

4.9. In our website you can place any order whose delivery is set for any of the zones stated in Delivery, in the FAQ. Questions regarding deliveries to other zones may be asked to hello@marialma.com.

4.10. Creating My account is a registry of a customer’s account that can be made at any time. To create this account you’re asked to inform us on the email address and password (mandatory), and other data needed to process orders. Please refer to the FAQ, for more information.




In some special occasions, our website may offer its customers campaigns, promotions or discounts.

5.1. Any campaign, promotion or discount (hereinafter special offer or special offers), of this website is properly described in Special Offers regarding purpose, conditions, time, values and percentages, and are subject to the following general conditions:

5.1.1. They are only valid on full-price products and cannot be used in products that already have some type of discount;

5.1.2. They cannot be used together with other Special Offer;

5.1.3. They are only valid during the period of time stated in the marketing communication of the website;

5.1.4. They are not valid on gift boxes;

5.1.5. If the product purchased as Special Offer is returned, any refund will mirror that special offer conditions;

5.1.6. All purchases are subject to a certain stock limit and we reserve the right to withdraw, modify or extend any Special Offer at any time, without prior notice.

5.2. ALMA PLANET reserves the right to award Shopping Codes to specific customers, without being described in the website. These Shopping Codes are subject to the following general conditions:

5.2.1. Shopping Codes are only valid on full-price products and cannot be used in products that already have some type of discount unless otherwise stated;

5.2.2. Shopping Codes cannot be used together with other special offers;

5.2.3. Shopping Codes are only valid during the period of time stated in the marketing communication of the website;

5.2.4. Shopping Codes are not valid on gift boxes;

5.2.5. If the product purchased with a Shopping Code is returned, any refund will mirror that Shopping Code conditions;

5.2.6. All purchases are subject to a certain stock limit and we reserve the right to withdraw, modify or extend any Shopping Code at any time, without prior notice




6.1. The price of each product is determined by ALMA PLANET and can be freely changed at any time. Changes to product prices do not have an effect on orders whose reception and acceptance has already been confirmed to the Customer.

6.2. All online purchases within the European Union include VAT, at the current Portuguese rate, in the final price presented online for each product. Purchases to outside the European Union are processed according to the Incoterm DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid), that is, these do not include VAT in the price presented online. In this case, VAT will be supported by the Customer in their country, as well as any taxes or customs duties, according to the country’s law.

6.3. Product prices are set in Euro and any payment will be made in that currency.

6.4. Product prices presented in USD are merely informative, not vinculative. They serve the solely purpose  of giving an idea of the product price in this currency.




7.1. This online store has the following payment methods available to its customers: PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

7.2. ALMA PLANET reserves the right to limit the number of orders of a single customer, credit card, etc..




8.1. Order costs and options are available during the product purchase process and before the actual payment. For more information on shipping, delivery times and costs please refer to DELIVERY.
8.2. The options available may vary according to the intended delivery country.

8.3. ALMA PLANET does not control the delivery process, therefore delivery times should be considered as indicative, without prejudice of ALMA PLANET making all efforts to assure that they are complied with. You may track your order process in Order Tracking, in the My Account area or through the transport company’s website following the given instructions.

8.4. The products are considered delivered when Customers, or other indicated by them, have physical possession of the order.




9.1. We do not accept returns other than those foreseen by law, namely in case of defect or non-conformities.

9.2. We do not accept returns of custom-made items.

9.3. Cancellation:

By decision of ALMA PLANET

ALMA PLANET reserves the right to unilaterally cancel an order in the case that the contractual proposal arrives damaged at the destiny and the error relies on an essential contract element, in the terms stated in the Decree-law no. 7/2004 of January 7th – modified by the Law no. 46/2012 of August 29th regarding ecommerce.

By decision of the Customer

Customers can cancel their order at any time, until the moment it is shipped from our warehouse, and have the right of the full refund. Customers can also cancel their other after receiving it and exercise their right to return under the legal terms foreseen by law, namely, the Decree-law 24/2014, of February 14th.

Customers can cancel the contract – without being demanded any compensation – with 14 (fourteen) days after receiving it and must return the products to ALMA PLANET within 14 (fourteen) days of their cancellation communication, in proper conditions.

The cancellation communication can be made by letter, email, phone or using the appropriate form on the website in the My account area. For more information on returns please refer to Returns and Cancellations, in the FAQ.

Products must be returned in the original package, including the invoice, without being used or washed and with all labels and hand tags. The package should be sent complete, as received and with all documentation, to ALMA PLANET, LDA, to the following address Rua da Estrada Velha, Edifício Colunex, S/N, 4585-610 Recarei, Portugal.

Products must be returned through the same transport company used by ALMA PLANET LDA to make the delivery (DHL).

Return costs are the responsibility of the customer as stated in no.2 of the article 13th of the Decree-law 24/2014 of February 14th.

ALMA PLANET reserves the right to not accept items that do not comply with the aforementioned conditions or the legal applicable.



10.1. Since ALMA PLANET does not control orders dispatch in the several customs, customers may have to support additional costs upon delivery in the country of destiny.




11.1. Customers benefit from a warranty against defective products acquired in the website, in the legal foreseen terms.

11.2. If customers see that the acquired product is defective or if any anomaly arises from good use, they should inform ALMA PLANET through any available means (telephone, letter, email, social networks). For more information on returning defective products, refer to our FAQ, Can I return a defective item?

11.2.1. If we confirm that the product is indeed defective, Customers have the right to the refund of the total amount of the product and any cost relating the return.




12.1. All Customers’ data collected by ALMA PLANET are treated in compliance with the European Union applicable law.

12.2. Intending that Customers learn the general rules of privacy and treatment of data collected and treated by ALMA PLANET during the use of the website, our Privacy Policy is an integrant part of these Terms & Conditions. Our Privacy Policy includes applicable rules relating to the use of cookies and data access and storage, which can be consulted in Privacy Policy.

Please read our Privacy Policy before placing an order.

12.3. By accepting these Terms & Conditions implies having 18 years of age or more and gives consent to any minor dependent, if any, to use this website.




13.1. The Customer declares and expressly acknowledges that any and all content, whether registered or not, in the website or used by the website is of exclusive property of ALMA PLANET. For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy.




14.1. If the Customer intends to present any suggestion or claim, namely regarding offered services or acquired products, they should send an email to hello@marialma.com or use the contact available in the website.

14.2. In case of legal dispute whose resolution cannot be reached between the parts, the Customer as consumer, may use the online European platform for legal dispute resolution, through https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr