Why Marialmais different

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping.Make it count.

Sleep can make or break your success.We believe all exceptional days start with a good night’s sleep.

Woman sleeping in performance bed sheets

Marialma is designed to optimize your sleep and improve your daily performance.

For the past years, we’ve studiedways to improve your performance through sleep as it plays animportant role in learning, memory, mood, and judgment.

See what happens during sleep:

Stage 1 NREM

Breathing slows down
Blood pressure drops
Body temperature drops
The brain produces alpha and theta waves

Stage 2 NREM

Muscles are relaxeD
Metabolic processes slow down
People spend about 50% of their total sleep time in this sleep phase

Stage 3 NREM

Human growth hormone is released, promoting cell repair and body restoration
Psychological refreshment, preparing the brain for new learning
There is no muscle activity

Stage 4 REM

Brain activity & heart rate increases
Breathing becomes irregular and shallow
Vivid dreams happen
Eyes move rapidly
The brain processes the information to store it in the long-term memory

Some important factors can influencethe quality and duration of your body’s recovery during sleep.

At Marialma we create sleep productsthat efficiently minimize problems such as:

woman with night sweats and fan

Night Sweats

Man with stuffy nose

Stuffy nose

woman itching


woman with hot flashes

Hot Flashes

So we came upwith a dreamy solution….

Using only materials from 100% natural and biodegradable sources, Marialma develops smart fabrics in which specific benefits are permanently added.Thanks to the patented process that guarantees they’re preserved over the lifetime of the performance bed sheets, regardless of multiple wash rounds.

Marialma's performance sheet set
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Odor reducer

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See what our medical advisors are saying

Dr. Diana Aguiar Vieira, MD

PhD Psychologist and Coach

“Happiness is built from the sum of everyday situations experienced throughout the day and night. So, what’s the secret to happiness? We believe that a successful life is all about balance! Everybody knows that a balanced diet together with physical exercise contributes to our body’s health. We also all know that we need to sleep in order to restore our energy.”

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Dr. Alexandra Matias, MD

Fetal Medicine, Invasive Techniques and Anti-ageing

“Nanotechnology and performance fabrics represent nowadays a promising path in improving skin health. Functional textiles with intrinsic properties, such as antioxidant capacity and antibacterial activity, have been gaining importance in medical applications. With the development of nanomaterials, namely metal oxide nanoparticles and the use of ZnO-function textile fibers have shown promising and far-ranging applications in the biomedical field.”

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How our techis making sleep healthier?

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