Discover why Marialma is designed to optimize your sleep and improve your skin health

Technology & Craftmanship

What makes Marialma's performance bed sheets unique is the combination of technique, technology, and the impressive expertise of our Portuguese craftsmen. To bring the best quality to your sleep and skin, we've developed the best performance fabrics.

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Relieves Skin Diseases

Itching and skin inflammation

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Gentleon the Skin

Extra smooth

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Thermal Regulation

Feels cool and dry

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Stops bacteria and unpleasant odors

Our key factor is performance.

There are two types of performance fabrics: coated and engineered fabrics. At Marialma we choose to develop engineered fabrics, the so-called “real performance fabrics”, because they are designed to meet specific requirements. The entire production process since the spinning of the yarn is thought to add these specific benefits by ensuring that their properties are permanently preserved over the lifetime of the performance bed sheets, regardless of multiple wash rounds.

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Performance Fabrics - Portuguese factory producing Marialma's performance bed sheets
Performance Fabrics - Portuguese factory developing performance fabrics for Marialma's bedding
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We also add more specifications that contribute to the excellence of our bedsheets

Balancing body and mind

A quality and restful sleep reinvigorates our physical and psychological well-being, recharges lost energy in everyday life, regenerates the cellular system and boosts the immune system.

Sleep deprivation can cause long-term decline in quality of life as it may trigger an increased risk for various chronic diseases. Many studies have also shown that sleep deprivation can accelerate the signs of skin ageing. Several mechanisms may cause this to happen, one of them being that sleep deprivation alters the skin moisture level and consequently its repair capacity.

Our bed sheets embrace our body during sleep and play a key role.

Every product made by Marialma is designed to optimize sleep and recovery. Our research and development is done together with our supplier partners and our medical consultants. All selected materials, production processes and development projects are carefully thought out and tracked to create sleep products that efficiently assist in energy recovery and overall well-being.

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Our medical advisers

Dr. Diana Aguiar Vieira, MD

PhD Psychologist and Coach

“Happiness is built from the sum of everyday situations experienced throughout the day and night. So, what’s the secret to happiness? We believe that a successful life is all about balance! Everybody knows that a balanced diet together with physical exercise contributes to our body’s health. We also all know that we need to sleep in order to restore our energy.”

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Dr. Alexandra Matias, MD

Fetal Medicine, Invasive Techniques and Anti-ageing

“Nanotechnology and performance fabrics represent nowadays a promising path in improving skin health. Functional textiles with intrinsic properties, such as antioxidant capacity and antibacterial activity, have been gaining importance in medical applications. With the development of nanomaterials, namely metal oxide nanoparticles and the use of ZnO-function textile fibers have shown promising and far-ranging applications in the biomedical field.”

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