Netflix’s hit docuseries called Explained has debunked many myths concerning diverse issues. Now, they have taken on Cannabis. Discover how this documentary series has explained weed to the mass viewer.

Vox and Netflix teamed up to present a 20 minutes series aimed at breaking down serious and complex issues. So far, they have tackled the pandemic, the future of meat, the existing racial biases in America, and the wage gap between genders.

Dating back from 2018, Netflix series Explained has become a huge worldwide hit. One of those episodes, from the 1st season, was the one debunking the origins of Cannabis and the different usages around the world, from a medical prescription drug to a recreational one.

netflix explained doc series
credits: Netflix


The cannabis plant has coevolved with humans, meaning that in some way it has been changed by us and we have changed because of it.

The psychoactive kind of cannabis could only be developed in warmer climates. From the Middle East, where it was called Haxixe, it travelled to India where it becomes a holy drink and then to Africa where it was used as a medicine. It was brought to the Americas by slave traders: one plant known for both the strength of fibers (Hemp) and the psychotic potency (Cannabis).

Netflix docuseries has done a great job of resuming the history of weed in the United States without hiding that one of the greatest causes of fear and controversy surrounding Cannabis is the very mediatized war on drugs started by the Reagan administration.

As a result of Cannabis being illegal, there was an increasingly growing black market where the plants were constantly modified for the huge demand for a greater and greater high.

netflix explained doc series
Credits: Netflix

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Did you know?

In colder climates, people used to bread one strain of cannabis that couldn’t get you high but was very precious: hemp. Since the very beginning of civilization, it was used to make clothes, rope, sails, paper, food, and even fuels. The production of hemp was so important that some towns across the US got their names due to Hemp.

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Another key takeaway from the Netflix Explained Weed episode is that labels in the legal Cannabis shop can often be misleading. Often, we see percentages indicating the components of the plant: for example, 50% THC, 1% CBD.  THC is the psychoactive compound and CBD is the relaxing compound. The more THC one plant has, the less CBD there is.  However, they have no way of really knowing what it is present in a strain without testing it.

Nowadays, legal shops can only be sure about tone classification: Indica or Sativa. The docuseries puts it simply as a daytime or nighttime weed. While Sativa plants produce an energetic high feeling, Indica plants can give you a mellow high.

But it’s becoming increasingly hard to distinguish one strain from another. Testing is done by someone that smokes it and either gets the energetic high (Sativa) or the mellow one (Indica). So, there’s neither rocket science nor precise measurements.

As people often get stuck in the pursue of a greater high they push the weed market to be composed mainly by the THC components that are often present in an Indica plant.

Watch the full episode of Explained, here

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