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Written by Marialma Team

MARIALMA® bases its concept on the well-being and in the balance of the human being. And as mental health is crucial for a balanced life, we’ve decided to donate 1% of all our sales to projects related to Mental Health promotion, developed and led by ENCONTRAR+SE. This Portuguese Association arises from the need to develop solutions to the difficulties encountered in the development, implementation, evaluation, and research of effective responses to the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illness in Portugal.

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A contribution to the promotion of mental illness in Portugal

ENCONTRAR+SE seeks to actively contribute to the development of projects that contribute to the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illness in Portugal.

One of the main areas of intervention is related to the psychosocial rehabilitation of patients with severe mental illness through scientifically validated initiatives including training, intervention, evaluation, and research, filling the well-recognized treatment gap in mental health care by public health services in Portugal.

ENCONTRAR+SE uses an intervention approach based on the community model of action, with a strong focus on empowerment promoting the active participation of people with mental illness and their families in the different processes related to recovery and rehabilitation.


The role of the Centre of Integrative Care (CAI)

After 13 years of existence, ENCONTRAR+SE’s Center for Integrative Care (CAI) has already helped hundreds of people in their process of recovery from a mental health problem. CAI supports most of the costs of these treatments, and to this end, it is financed by private companies and other benefactors that believe in the project. That’s why it makes sense for a brand that shares MARIALMA’s values to support this association to help them to fulfil the mission.

The services provided by the Centre of Integrative Care (CAI) include:

  • Psychotherapy;
  • Cognitive rehabilitation;
  • Academic/professional rehabilitation;
  • Occupational activities;
  • Social support;
  • Intervention with families.

Get to know some of the projects we support:

1. Mind at work

The promotion of mental health and well-being in the workplace has been progressively identified as essential in a globalized and competitive market. Indeed, studies demonstrate that companies that promote and safeguard workers’ mental health and well-being are among the most sustainable and competitive ones (WHO, 2010 Report).

ENCONTRAR+SE has been a pioneer in raising awareness to the importance of mental health in the workplace. The Mind at Work project seeks to provide means that can adequately meet the issues related to mental health workers to develop individual and collective strategies to ensure the welfare of workers and the proper functioning of organizations.


2. Taking mental health to further places

One of the problems/obstacles in the field of health is the high number of people suffering from mental illness that are also victims of exclusion and segregation, hence constituting a human risk group.

Following this, the project aims at addressing the lack of answers to this level and support people with greater financial need and/or with no response from the National Health Service. This project is intended for adults (age>18 years) with mental illness and/or psychological distress and/or family/caregivers of people with mental illness.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller

Written by:
Drª Filipa Palha
Founding president of ENCONTRAR+SE
PhD from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto.

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