A Heat Rash can occur when sweat glands are blocked by small bubbles – resembling small sweat balls – which form on the skin. The heat rash, called miliaria by doctors, can cause redness of the skin if the glands are blocked in a deeper layer. This causes the skin to feel irritated and itchy, giving rise to another common term for the syndrome – prickly heat.

The chain reaction is the same in the case of a heat rash and eczema. Both start with Staphylococcus bacteria living in the skin.

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Sometimes this bacteria produces a substance that scientists call biofilm. But what makes these bacteria produce biofilm? Salt and water – sweat, that is. The bacteria perceive the salt moisture as a dangerous environment and starts producing slime as a defence mechanism. The slime can block the sweat glands and trigger a fast-immune response, one that causes an itchy rash.

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To prevent miliaria, among other conditions, you should also wear light clothes and it would be even better to use natural fabrics, in order to avoid sweat and consequently heat rash. Remember that we spend on average 1/3 of our life sleeping and that during this time our skin stays in contact with fabrics. In other words, we can spend more than 60,000 hours interacting with textile fibers, during a crucial moment in which our metabolism goes through regeneration processes and beyond.

That’s why Marialma was created. Our goal is to incorporate technology into everyday products so that they would have functionalities that benefit your health and well-being.

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