Discover all the benefits MARIALMA’s bedsheets can bring into your everyday life.

Written by Marialma Team

At Marialma we develop performance fabrics combining natural fibres and Lyocell (a cellulose fibre from eucalyptus trees) with active compounds such as zinc oxide or seaweed in which specific benefits are permanently added. Thanks to the patented process, they’re preserved over the lifetime of the products, regardless of multiple wash cycles.

Egyptian cotton and Hemp are among the natural fibres-base we use. Our focus is to create products that optimize your sleep and efficiently minimize problems such as night sweats, stuffy nose, itching, hot flashes, among others.

Because our bedsheets can be in direct contact with the skin for hours, they end up being almost a second skin. So, we studied what would be the best benefits to incorporate into our performance fabrics in a lasting and effective way.

The main benefits you can find in our performance fabrics are:

  • Thermal-Controller: Both our Egyptian cotton lines and Hemp collection have a natural thermal controller capacity, thanks to the innate characteristics of natural fibres. However, the cellulose fibres we use in the blend of our cotton-based fabrics further enhance the thermoregulatory properties, as they have the following: high heat capacity, cool and dry to the touch and they can actively reduce body temperature.
  • Breathable: Both, cotton and hemp make breathable fabrics which facilitate the passage of moisture from the skin to the atmosphere. Both fabrics help you stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Breathable is one of the most requested features in performance fabrics.
  • Ridiculously Smooth: A lyocell-based yarn is already super soft, combined with Egyptian cotton that has longer fibres, it can produce a stronger and softer fabric. Also, our sheets are made using a satin weave. Our Cosmetic Algae line is the softest of all.
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  • Allergen-Free: All our performance fabrics have this property. The natural compounds identified in Hemp are greater than 500, so, its complex macro composition helps the plant in its antibacterial activity. It is highly resistant to mould, mildew and potentially harmful microbes. These same properties remain strong in the fabric making it allergen-free. The lyocell-based yarn used in the cotton lines, strongly retards bacterial grow, even more, when embedded with active compounds like zinc oxide.
  • Odor Reducer: Numerous tests by various renowned institutes have confirmed the quality and effectiveness of the lyocell-fibre embedded with zinc oxide. It possesses a strong antibacterial property, especially against bad odour-causing bacteria, which are key in garments staying fresh for a longer period.
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  • Anti-Ageing Properties: Using ABEL ® antioxidant test, it was well confirmed the ability of the seaweed extract embedded in the lyocell-fibre to catch free radicals effectively. Free radicals derived from air pollution such as smog, dust and cigarette smoke, as well as the sun. Skin damage done by free radicals appears in several forms. They range from changes in skin colour (brown spots and broken blood vessels) to weakened skin that looks loose and saggy as a result of damaged elastic fibres. Free radicals can also break down the skin’s collagen and create wrinkles, given a mature visual.

Our performance fabrics are entirely engineered to meet a set of specific requirements.  Fibre composition, yarn construction, weaving techniques and finishing applications all play a part in how well these fabrics will endure in a stressful environment.

Engineered performance fabrics can be more expensive than alternatives but offer the best value and the fewest compromises between durability and aesthetics.

Each of our lines offers different advantages. You must choose sheets based on the fibre that suits best your sleeping. For this, you need to learn more at

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