When it comes to natural performance fabrics, there is one that stands out for numerous reasons: Hemp. Find out why!

Written by Marialma Team


Lately, hemp has been a hot topic of debate. Although its cultivation is often associated with narcotic production, the truth is that this plant is incredibly versatile and can be exploited to obtain textile, cosmetic, and food products. Isn’t it amazing? But wait, the list goes on. We can also be apply hemp in the manufacture of plastics, paper, biofuels, and even in construction! And as if that weren’t enough, hemp can also be used to eliminate pollution of the soil. Despite all its functions, today we will focus on the benefits of hemp, when used in bed sheets. If you want to find why hemp bed sheets can be the best, pay attention to what comes next!

The Comeback of Hemp Fabric

Today, more than ever, consumers are looking for sustainable, practical, and high-quality products and become more committed to making ethical, environmentally friendly choices. It’s necessary to be more responsible and aware of the changes we must make towards a better world. So, as the stigma around hemp starts to disappear, it has become clear that we can’t ignore all the environmental benefits that this plant can offer.

But after all, what is hemp? It is a strain of the cannabis sativa plant species with low levels of intoxicants (THC). Plus, it has been widely used throughout history, providing cultures across the world with this sustainable, useful, and durable material. There are a few samples from China dating from 8,000 BC, and even sailors in the times of the discoveries relied on the strength of hemp to build ropes, cordage, and sails. Plus, it has been used to make textiles for thousands of years! Pretty versatile, right?!

So, now that you know that we have been using hemp in various things for centuries, it’s time to give you all the benefits of using hemp bed sheets! Ready? Keep scrolling!


Temperature Control

One of the main features of hemp is the fact that this plant is a natural thermo-controller! This fabric naturally cools and absorbs moisture. So, it’s perfect for hot and humid climates, especially if you usually sweat during the night. And the best part? It keeps you warm in colder months! It really is the best of both worlds.

Well, you can’t deny that this is a huge win, because hemp bed sheets can keep your body temperature in different seasons!

Moreover, hemp sheets are hygienic, breathable, and the best cooling bed sheets, where odors are dispelled through the natural fibers to keep your linen feeling fresh!



Hemp is an antibacterial plant by nature! Plus, it is also allergy-friendly and antiviral to keep allergies at bay. Why? Because there are zero or very few artificial (chemical) allergens and irritants in a hemp fabric. Besides, there are also zero or very few natural allergens or irritants in hemp fabric (bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and their excrements).

All in all, hemp is ideal for people with asthma and sensitivities as well as children! What more could you ask for?


On top of everything, this plant is eco-friendly! This means it is ideal for every eco-conscious consumer that is looking to minimize its environmental impact. Growing hemp only requires about 1/3 of land and 1/20 of water, compared to cotton, making irrigation needless in most cases. Both the Carbon Footprint and the Water Footprint of hemp textile is much smaller than for other natural textiles.

Hemp sheets last longer than standard fibers and can even be recycled.



When exploring alternative fibers for bedding and linen, many consumers are hesitant about comfort and softness. A rough and scratchy bed is useless – even if it’s eco-friendly and hygienic.

That’s why MARIALMA® Natural Hemp bed sheets went through different mechanical finishing processes to make sure they were soft. It is important to know that all these processes have taken into consideration environmentally friendly measures and rules.

We also guarantee that they will become softer over time as they give way to frequent use. Additionally, they keep their shape throughout the years and don’t wear out! It’s quite the opposite! These bed sheets get softer and more luxurious with each wash and each use.


Against facts, there are no arguments. Hemp is a soft, lasting, and sustainable fabric. So, when it comes to choosing the natural performance fabric for your bedding, the answer seems obvious: “Hemp!”

It’s time to make more conscious purchases and choose fabrics that can leave a positive impact on the planet. Don’t you think? If you got curious, see it for yourself and try our unique hemp bed sheets that featured all these advantages!

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