From 4 to 18 of September at MOM – Maison & Objet – Digital Edition, you can visit our TOP 5 pick brands! The ones you can’t miss!

Unprecedented times demand unprecedented measures. To make 2020 a more unusual year, the biggest design fair is coming to the palm of your hand during this pandemic. Maison et Objet 2020 September Edition is going to be fully digital.

Nowadays, our homes have become our everything. Interior and workspace design has become the focus of all attentions, raising many questions and making our ability to anticipate future trends more crucial than ever. Maison et Objet has found a way to keep the event interesting and relevant.

Through the help of digital showrooms that the companies have set up, the visitor can reach out directly to their favorite brands. Maison et Objet is trying to overcome the difficulties that this ongoing pandemic has brought on us and struggling to make the best of it.

5 bedding brands to look out for at Maison et Objet Digital Fair 2020.


Your sleep, our science. That is the motto of the new Portuguese start-up MARIALMA. The company was born out of the necessity of developing healthy fabrics that could enhance the way you experience sleep. MARIALMA develops fabrics that can work as an antiallergenic and antibacterial element, so they can be used as a skincare item and as a complement for the treatment of any skin disorder.



MAGIC LINEN is a family run business based in Lithuania. The brand specializes in bespoke linen: home textiles, bedding, bath, table and kitchen linens, linen curtains and linen clothing for women.

The company strives to be an ethical, sustainable and transparent business.

Enter the world of Magic Linen.

magic Linen


COLUNEX is the refined union between high – tech and savoir-faire that ensures the ideal sleep in a seductive bespoke bed. COLUNEX offers a new approach in luxury sleep, from the most suitable mattress for your health and comfort needs, to exclusive beds, expertly handmade. A remarkable design combined with the finest materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Colunex beds

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Portugal experience with cotton textiles started in the Middle Age due to the Muslim presence in the Iberian Territory and further developed throughout our history with enormous influence of the American, African and Asian cultures, until the present time.

The Portuguese heritage of the textile craftsmanship combined with modern glamour and innovation results in a surprising and desirable collection brought to life by Portugal Home.

maison et objet stand


Cozy living Copenhagen is a young interior brand.  The foundation of its designs is the company’s Nordic roots, where material and aesthetics are in focus. The brand is full of handmade details, soft fabrics and different elements supplied by nature.

cozy living in copenhagen


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