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Nowadays, Hemp is revolutionizing industries. For years it was used in construction and now it has become a highly requested material in the textile and beauty industries. But what has the future in store for Hemp?

People in the textile industry are educating themselves on the potential of this fiber. As a result, we have clothes, bed sheets, ropes and a lot of textile products entirely made of hemp. In the beauty industry, we see that even the supermarkets have a range of hemp products. Was this possible a few years or even months ago? I don’t think so. We are witnessing the beginning of a revolution, in a good way. We believe that hemp is not acknowledged as a reliable material and has even been avoided for some time. Now, it’s time to start opening mindsets.

We believe Hemp to be the most successful choice that we’ve made until now. MUSA is a 100% Natural Cosmetics made in a small lab in the heart of Portugal near Serra da Estrela. Here we are used to getting a lot of snow in the winter. Located in a business incubator, we have daily contact with people working in the industrial productions of hemp and even in the companies that are treating this ingredient for the pharmaceutical industry. Talking with these companies and understanding the full benefits and potential of hemp, as it can be used in so many areas, was the trigger to start MUSA and our Solid Hemp Shampoo.

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hemp shampoo Musa cosmetics

We started by making a few tests, we wanted to make a product, in this case, a solid shampoo with most of its ingredients extracted from hemp. The most challenging aspect of this journey was the regulations of using hemp as a raw material. Here in Portugal, we have very strict laws concerning ingredients that are constantly changing, but that guarantee the ingredients are valid and secure to use in a cosmetic product. In order to do that, we contacted a few companies that make safety reports. For the cosmetic world, that means a report that states that a product is safe to be used on our skin.


Our Hemp solid shampoo has hemp seeds, hemp seed oil and hemp protein. To top the product off, we wrap it in a rope made from hemp fibers. This product is for all types of hair and we present it as a shampoo for hair strengthening. We want to use all the vitamins and properties of hemp to improve the appearance of the hair as well as its regeneration.

Hemp seeds are rich in amino acids. Some authors highlight that the application of Hemp seed oil strengthens the skin and makes it more capable of resisting infection. It, also, nourishes the hair fiber and improves hair elasticity and volume. It contains many fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. Hemp oil also helps to increase hair growth in several ways, as for examples through the fatty acids Omega3, Omega6 and Omega9, which are necessary to stimulate hair growth.

hemp Musa cosmetics

Hand in hand with well-being and health, we believe that choosing this ingredient is also a step towards sustainability. Our shampoo is a solid version and, therefore, does not need plastic packaging, helping us stay true to our core values and to preserve the environment. For a little visual inspiration visit our Instagram

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