2020 has been an atypical year, to say the least. Humanity was asked to stay behind closed doors and four walls for months. After watching everything that Netflix had to offer and played every board game in the house, we shifted the focus on things to fix, on issues at hand such as sustainability.

Making your home sustainable doesn’t have to be hard. Sustainable and upcycling ideas help you make a positive impact and bring more joy to wherever you live.

Here are 5 tips on what you could be doing to get your home on the sustainability radar.


  • Go solar. A simple place to start is to add solar panels to your home. Nowadays, there’s a wide range of affordable packages. Having solar energy is becoming more common across every household. That way you can economize on the electricity bill and you will be doing your part to reduce our impact on the planet.

solar panels

  • How to keep cool in the summer. Oh those summer night when it is too hot to do anything, using the AC might seem like a good idea, however, cross ventilation is a better alternative.  For example, you can install a few fly screens to keep out all the mosquitos and bugs and let the cool breeze flow through your home.

window breeze

  • How to keep warm in the winter. Look for more eco-friendly ways to heat your home. Heat is most likely to escape your house through windows and doors, so there are a few ways to combat this. Choose double-glazing or low E performance glass to help reduce heat loss through the windows. Seal up any gaps around your doors or windows with sealant or a door draught stopper.

windows frame heat

  • Go green. Adding plants to your house might be a great idea. They can clean the air, help reduce background noise, lower stress and most of all they reconnect us to nature. Having a garden wall has the added benefit of providing extra insulation to the building, so you can keep it cool. The plants receive the sun instead of your walls, so your home stays cool during the day.

go green house plants

  • Change your bedsheets. Becoming more sustainable should start where you start your day: the bedroom. MARIALMA hemp bed sheets are a great way to guarantee that you have a great night of sleep – due to the awesome benefits of hemp (moisture absorbing and anti-bacterial). Moreover, you’re endorsing the production of a fabric that has minimal impact on the environment.

hemp bed sheets

To help get you started, here are five DIY upcycling ideas to re-inspire and energize your surroundings. Enjoy a more sustainable home!

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