Officially established in 2003, National Positive Thinking Day is a date that reminds us positive thinking can make a difference in how successful our lives are. Read more about the origin of this day and how you can celebrate it.

In general, human beings have a predisposition to negativity. We pay much more attention to dark emotions like anger, sadness, pain and disappointment than to great feelings like joy, gratitude, love and contentment.

It’s amazing how bad news stays with us, but the good ones tend to be forgotten. We live in a time when we are flooded by information, and often more negative than positive. 

It seems that to glorify what is wrong with the world has become our nature. We are losing the ability to see good things and give thanks for them. In short, we’re getting used to losing our positive thinking.

However, positive thinking is not enough. Although essential, to change you need to take action. So, to believe that the universe is looking out for us, it’s not enough. It is necessary to put into practice gestures, attitudes, actions.

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How to keep a positive attitude in your life

Cultivating a positive attitude towards life begins with two basic, yet essential, things. First, you need to feel grateful. It is necessary to celebrate life, to say thanks for everything you have, even for the challenges you have to face daily because they strengthen you and often take you where you should go but have yet to figure out.

Second, it is important to know yourself and the way you work. And that means understanding your emotions, values and needs along with being aware of how your life experiences shaped the way your mind works.

Moreover, to have a positive attitude you need to understand that every situation has two sides and that everything is relative: what is good for you can be bad for someone else, and vice versa.

In other words, a positive attitude also means putting your life into perspective. It means to detach from everyday situations and understand that what is happening at any moment is part of something bigger: your life, your journey, with its good and bad parts, stormy or calm moments.

A balanced mind knows how to ponder what is bad and good in life, making you fit to face all situations in a balanced way. It assimilates events as they are and helps you absorb any shock that life could throw at you, because:

  • you can easily identify the tools you’ll need to deal with anything;
  • you will find meaning in every situation, putting everything into perspective, which is more important than just being positive all the time.

How to develop positive thinking


Meditation rejuvenates the mind, makes us more resistant and frees the body from harmful chemicals that cause stress and anxiety. If you make this a habit, many negative thought associations will be undone.

give thank sign


Numerous studies have proven that gratitude makes us happier and helps us with positive thinking because it eliminates negativity. Gratitude invokes the law of attraction. Remember that positive thinking attracts positive things in your life. If you make an effort to give thanks, you will find that you are blessed with more things for which you are giving thanks.

Be Kind

Kindness generates kindness, which generates gratitude, which generates great positive thoughts and this spreads to others. Be kind wherever you go.

Take time for yourself

Taking care of your health will show your life is not on autopilot. Choose to take care of yourself spiritually and mentally, because no one else can do it for you.

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Worry less

It’s like that song Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd: “Troubles will come, and they will pass”. Stress is usually the main cause of everything that goes wrong in our lives and pulls us into negative thoughts like an anchor on the high seas. If you work too hard, it won’t be healthy. If you sleep too little, you will be exhausted. And if you neglect your family or friends, you will feel alone.

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Go for a run or a walk. Exercising helps to control anxiety and to focus your thoughts on things that really need attention.

Practice mindfulness

Book 3 or 5 minutes a day and practice mindfulness. Do a relaxation exercise, meditation or yoga, but take time to calm your mind down. You can increase the time as you practice.

See Positive Thinking Day 2020 as a chance to re-invent yourself and to show your positive side to others and allow them to respond likewise. If you beam with positivity, you will attract the same feelings.

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