You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. That means your skin spends an average of 60,000 hours in direct contact with your bed sheets and pajamas. Shouldn’t they be special? We have become more aware of the impact of our actions and choices on the environment and have realized that we need to make more conscious product choices, and that includes our bedsheets.

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It is a really easy concept. It’s how many threads, individually yarns, are going to be within a square inch of the fabric. The higher the thread count, the higher level of comfort.


400 THC is the perfect amount in order to ensure the top quality for a bed sheet. Anything above 600 TC is probably a bit of a marketing reasoning.


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When you look at the fabric you can’t see any sort of gaps or small pores in between the grids of the warp and weft, and that means more comfort when rubbing against your skin

  • Cool to the touch – when the thread count is higher, the fabric is going to be much more cool and soft.
  • It will last longer – because there are more threads holding it together, the fabric will be more cohesive and stronger



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Every kind of fiber has specific characteristics and functionalities. There are two kinds of fabrics:

  • Synthetic Fabric: one that is produced entirely from chemicals. These fabrics have a “plastic-like” characteristic, which is non-breathable.
  • Natural Fabrics: These are made from animal or plant-based fibers. In the case of cotton, this fiber is very absorbent, soft and strong vegetable fiber. It is also hypoallergenic, which makes it a suitable choice for those with sensitive skin. Cotton is all-natural, making for a comfortable and breathable fabric year-round. Which kind of cotton should we choose?


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Some types of cotton are better than others. And what makes the difference is the length of its fiber. It must be as long as possible in order to get a stronger yarn and a kind that won’t splice as much, which will feel more comfortable against your skin.

  • A standard yarn: the average fiber length is less than 22mm.
  • A long fiber yarn: the fibers must be between 29mm and 35mm.



Long fiber cotton adds to the fabric a sleeker and softer feel. Visually you can note a bit of shine to it, like a satin. A percale bed sheet made with shorter fibers, feels crispier and more starched. It has a sense of dryness to it. At Marialma, we use exclusively long fiber cotton (30-34mm). 100% natural material makes it more breathable, more moisture wicking and more comfortable, than a typical synthetic.

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The weave it’s the way fabrics are constructed. Yarns run horizontally and vertically, they run over and under one another.


The way the yarns come together, if there is a nice luster to the bed sheet. It is going to look luxurious. Only 2 categories of waves: plain and special (we make it special with our jacquard – a woven form of embroidery.


We dove into the different materials specifications and science. The technologies aim to help improve the functionality of the products, giving them an extra value and benefits.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: What kind of performance or technology was used in the bed sheet’s fabric:

  • Coated fabrics – have their performance added by applying a coating to an ordinary fabric in the finishing phase of the production process. Their benefits may disappear after a certain number of washes.
  • Engineered fabrics – they are entirely engineered to meet a set of specific requirements. Fiber composition, yarn construction, weaving techniques and finishing applications all play a part in how well the fabric will endure in a stressful environment. They can be more expensive than other alternatives but definitely offer the best value and durability.

]When you look for a performance fabric, you should always choose the option where the functionality is embedded into the fiber, because they will last throughout the bed sheet’s lifetime, regardless of multiple washes.

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