Whether in beauty or at the table, seaweed is a part of our daily lives. It’s time to discover its benefits. Read our article below.

The skin is our biggest immunocompetent organ because it acts as an interface between the body and the environment. As such, it undergoes several changes throughout life. Chronological aging and photoaging compromise the number and biological functions of cells, such as Langherhans cells (LCs) and keratinocytes (KCs), resulting in a decline of the mechanisms of skin’s protection and self-repair. Keratinocytes (KCs) control the corneal shell formation of the cells and are therefore key cells in the development of a skin barrier. KCs are also capable of producing various substances involved in the regulation of the immune response and inflammatory reactions. Studies of immunologic phenomenons related to skin health and appearance, as well as studies of active compounds that increase the skin’s immune defence capacity and its natural ability to repair and protect itself, play an important role in the development of modern skincare products, such as products made from seaweed extracts.

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Seaweed Compounds

Seaweed macromolecules are a natural powerful immunostimulant cosmetic active, of natural origin, obtained from selected and purified fragments from three different seaweeds spices of class Rhodophyceae (red algae) and Phaeophyceae (brown algae), forming a bio-stimulant biopolymer network.

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This powerful agent is able to increase the mechanisms of protection and regeneration of the skin. It stimulates the protection of keratinocytes against environmental aggressions such as UV radiation and oxidative stress. It induces fibroblast formation and collagen production, accelerates the regeneration of damaged skin and has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect. Thus, it acts preventing premature aging and recovering the skin already aged.

Protection against radiation and environmental stress

One of the direct consequences of UV radiation on the skin is the damage to keratinocytes (KCs -represent 80% of epidermal cells). The reduction in number and activity of Kcs causes a reduction of cell renewal rate, leading to a decrease of skin thickness and damaging its barrier function. A study of exposure of keratinocytes to UV radiation (15mJ/cm2) showed that seaweed macromolecules are able to rebalance the keratinocyte population depressed by UV radiation. Seaweed also acts as an efficient protective agent against the harmful effects of oxidative environmental stress.

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The Healing Effect and Collagen Restoring Action of Seaweed

The skin when injured or assaulted also triggers its immune response, and the body itself begins the process of cleaning and eliminating cellular remains and foreign material. A research done on human epidermis cells irradiated by UVA radiation, demonstrated the activity of seaweed macromolecules in the preservation and maintenance of collagen levels.

One of the properties of the active compounds of seaweed is to act as a powerful agent with a protective, immunostimulant, regenerating, healing, and anti-stress activity.

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Why put seaweed extracts into a textile fiber?

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Because it has many advantages thanks to its seaweed component. Since the era of Chinese Medicine, the seaweed plant has been affiliated with providing benefits to humans. As a result, the SeaCell fiber contains anti-inflammatory properties and a fiber structure that encourages an exchange of nutrients between fabric and skin. Some of these nutrients include calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin E.

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