In these particularly challenging times, when we are asked to stay inside, our homes have almost become our whole universe in which we work and study, but also take the time to entertain ourselves. Discover the world of benefits that will come from creating your own urban vegetable garden.

urban vegetable garden

It all happens within the same space. If it is true that in the first few days of teleworking, scheduling the children’s studies, preparing meals and setting playtimes we were too busy organizing and adjusting, after two months with only a few outings to the supermarket, boredom and frustration can settle in. A few days ago, we wrote an article on the relaxing effect of trying new recipes, namely baking bread. Today, we will talk about urban vegetable gardens, which are being created throughout the globe for so many positive reasons.

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The first of all being the relaxing moments you’ll enjoy. Putting the hands in the dirt helps you reconnect to nature and while you’re dedicating your time to nourishing and growing the plants, you enjoy fresh air and your mind drifts away from the daily worries. Spending time taking care of a vegetable garden is a perfect way to unwind after a working day. But, planting your own vegetable garden is not only therapeutic and entertaining, but it’s also a great way of having fresh, healthy vegetables directly from the ground to the table. And, although it may seem a bit overwhelming if you’re a beginner, starting your own urban vegetable garden is not that difficult.

urban vegetable garden

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Of course, it is easier if you live in a house with a garden and lots of space, but it’s also possible to have a pretty and practical vegetable garden in a patio or a balcony. You just have to adapt your idea of it to the available space and remember that a sunny location is the best place. There are great ideas for both spaces and even some using recycled materials, like old plastic bottles hanging on a wall or a row of empty yoghurt cups. They both create a nice visual effect and work very well.

Then, there is the choice of what to plant and there is a variety of plants to choose from according to the type of space we have available. Ask your local plant seller to help you choose the best options regarding your country’s climate and the time of the year. And, sure, try to pick the ones you and your family like, so you can all enjoy the pleasure of having them fresh.

urban vegetable garden

If you’re a beginner, an aromatic herb garden might just be perfect. Easy to grow, aromatic herbs are a must-have in any kitchen, we all use it! And they look so fresh and taste so much better than the ones on a jar. Another great thing about aromatic herbs is that you can grow them inside. Just place them on a sunny windowsill and you can have your aromatic herb garden inside. Your kitchen will always have that fresh natural smell. And you’ll wake up in the morning with all those beautiful herbs’ aromas, every day.

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